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Are you frequently unsure about the quality of your water supply? Have you been a victim of the devastating effects of hard water in your home? If yes, it is probably time you considered installing a new water filter and softener system in your home.

To be sure that your system needs an overhaul, however, you will need an expert’s input. HVAC Trust has amassed a wealth of experience in water treatment solutions. As such, we are the right fit for such projects. Reach out to our experts any time of day and let us sort out all your water treatment needs.

Booking Your New Water Filter & Softener Installation Has Never Been Easier

Book and Pay for Your Water Filter & Softener Installation Services

HVAC Trust offers you the truest definition of seamless payments. After ordering a water filter and softener installation service from us, you can pay conveniently using our online payment mode. We have done this to spare you the troublesome process of making endless phone calls every so often.

Avavilable 24/7/365
Whether you are running late for work or experiencing a midnight emergency, HVAC Trust is always a speed dial away. If you need a new unit installed, you can conveniently get it from our experts.
Transparent Pricing
Our service quotations are always devoid of any unsuspecting charges. We break down our technical assessment of your installation into multiple layers of transparency to gain our client’s trust. We always account for your every dime.
25+ Years Of Experience
Having done water filter and softener installation for more than two decades, you have no reason to worry about the quality of service we provide. Our technicians always deliver to the highest industry standards.


Installation of a new water filter and softener is never done until you are finally getting water that is not only free from harmful minerals but also fresh and clean always. Additionally, a lot of keenness is to be exercised when it comes to the maintenance of such a system.

Since you probably have neither the time nor patience for all that, leaving it to the experts is the only logical thing to do. Our expert assessment of your water supply helps us work out the best maintenance schedule for your system. We value our clients’ convenience and always work fast to curtail all disruptions to your fresh water supply.


Identifying the installation location
Cleaning the location thoroughly
Shutting off water supply at the main
Completely draining the water pipes
Installing the inlet and outlet ports of the bypass valve
Installing the piping connections leading to the bypass valve
Attaching the drain pipe to the new installation
Adding an overflow tube to the brine tank
Test running the installation for any leaks


Having problems with hard or impure water? Such water can have adverse effects not only to your health but also to the overall health of your plumbing system. That is precisely why getting it right from the installation stage by engaging an expert is crucial. You may think you have it under control but DIY installations tend to oversimplify things making you overlook some potentially dangerous pitfalls in the process.

Not only do experts possess the right skill set in handling the job, they also understand what system will work for you based on a number of factors drawn from their assessment. An expert will also advise you accordingly on the right maintenance to ensure longevity of your system.

Here are instances when you will need to book for new water filter & softener installation services:

When your current system outlives its usefulness
The average life expectancy of most water filters and softeners is 10-15 years. Once they hit this critical age, it may be time to do an overhaul.
When your water filter and softener constantly breaks down
This may be a sure sign of failure. The evidence shows in form of scale build up on your water fixtures or odd changes in water taste.  


We work with a team of professionals who are well versed in water filter & softener installation. Moreover, we offer a 24/7/365 service for your convenience, and we are fully licensed and insured. Besides having 25+ years of experience in water filter & softener installation, we also ensure our technicians receive continuous specialized training. The best part, our pricing plans are transparent

New Installation
If you have just moved into a new home or a home with an old and functionless water treatment system, contact HVAC Trust for a new installation urgently.
Do not wait for your water treatment system to break down for you to seek help. Engage our technicians now for a regular maintenance schedule to ensure your system is functioning optimally.
How frequently do you encounter mechanical breakdowns of your water treatment system? Before ruling it as a permanent damage, allow our technicians to assess it for some repair works.

We have been tested, and we have come out on top. With us, you can be sure that the water filter & softener installation services you get are from a proven contractor.

Many of our clients have reviewed our water filter & softener installation services positively, which shows just how happy they are with our services. Below are testimonials from homeowners who have bought our units or hired us to regularly maintain their water filter & softeners.


Booking Your New Water Filter & Softener Installation Has Never Been Easier!

Book and pay for your water filter & softener installation online, safely and conveniently. We accept all major credit cards.

What determines the lifespan of a water filter and softener?
How long your water treatment system lasts depends on the frequency of use and the quantity of water treated per interval.
What are the common signs of water treatment systems failure?
The surest signs are scale buildup on water fixtures, changes in water taste or difficult lathering of soap.
Why is DIY water filter and softener installation discouraged?
DIY installations pose certain health and mechanical threats to you and your family. There are also installation codes that water treatment systems must meet and only a licensed plumber can assess that.

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