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Lennox ML296V Reviews, Features & Price

Lennox ML296V Reviews, Features & Price

The Lennox ML296V high-efficiency variable-speed furnace has a lower cabinet height, making it easier to accommodate into a variety of areas. The combination of a variable speed fan and two stages of gas provides a higher level of comfort, the variable speed fan regulates humidity, provides more uniform airflow, and reduces hot and cold areas. Two-stage gas valves and an AFUE of at least 96 will help homeowners save money over the long term. This Merit series product has been thoroughly tested to ensure its dependability and durability. It provides long-lasting comfort.

Although it isn’t as efficient as Lennox’s premium versions, it still provides amazing design features and a high efficiency rating that will save you money on heating expenditures. These model features make the furnace more energy efficient, quieter, better at controlling humidity, capable of keeping a larger home warm (as compared to a single-stage furnace), and better at maintaining a consistent temperature throughout your home.

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