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It is not difficult for an HVAC professional or someone in the HVAC business to compare Goodman to Carrier. Comparing premium models from Goodman to Carrier is wholly reliant on what you’re searching for in an air conditioner. Of course, Goodman air conditioners might be a little bit difficult to match Carrier in the SEER sector for their premium model air conditioner, but everything has pros and cons. Let’s start with the comparison matrix and then go through each feature one by one.

Matrix of Goodman vs. Carrier Premium Air Conditioner Models Goodman


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The compressors are comparable if you obtain the two-stage scroll compressor in the Carrier condensing unit rather than the variable-speed rotary compressor, which is significantly more expensive. The importance of staging in air conditioners stems from the fact that, 90% of the time, you do not need to operate your air conditioner at full capacity to get the positive outcome. Even when demand is minimal, a basic single-stage system will run at full capacity all of the time. Staging is using less energy while demand is lower to get the same benefits. Looking to take staging a step further, enabling the system modulate facilitates additional controls and an inverter in terms of making the compressor modulate based on demand.

When you acquire the model with the variable-speed rotary compressor from Carrier, you will have that capability. If I were to purchase that model, I would absolutely do the arithmetic to see what the ROI (Return on Investment) was in comparison to the two-stage model air conditioner they provide. Remember to factor in the expense of repairing air conditioners if something goes wrong. It will need a certified professional technician to diagnose the system, which means you will most likely be stuck with the contractor from whom you purchased the item. Not all contractors are awful, but everyone has disagreements from time to time. What matters is that you obtain good service from someone you trust.

These are all extremely essential to many individuals, yet some people do not consider them while acquiring a new system. Because of the improved performance, your power cost will be lower than it was with the previous unit. Both Goodman and Carrier premium versions are quite efficient when compared to other best HVAC brands models provided, thus spending a little more for a premium model will hurt less when the monthly power bill arrives, which is surprisingly less than with the older unit. Always evaluate the ROI of different models depending on the SEER level and the amount saved. Every salesperson should have a chart that shows you how much money you’ll save depending on the model and SEER level you choose. Sound. 

Top Goodman Air Conditioners

Many people complain about the sound of the condenser, particularly when they are sitting outdoors on the patio and the air conditioner turns on. This is both an installation and a sound quality issue. When the time comes for a new unit, make sure you are aware of this and discuss it with the installation contractor to ensure that the condenser is positioned in a location where any sound would be reduced. Durability. Who doesn’t want their new air conditioner, whether Goodman or Carrier, to last forever? In terms of cabinets, both Goodman and Carrier have you covered. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedules, especially if you live near the sea or a similar corrosive environment. As previously stated, Goodman air conditioners differ in seer rating, with the best being the Goodman GMEC96, Goodman GMES96, Goodman GSX13, Goodman GSX14, Goodman GSX16, and Goodman GSX18.

R-410A refrigerant is used in both Carrier and Goodman air conditioners, which is a good thing. R-410A is the most widely utilized refrigerant in home and light business systems today. This makes it immediately accessible and inexpensive if you require it for your air conditioner. Humidity Control – In the summer, humidity control in your home is essential. Even if the temperature is low, high humidity causes discomfort, and your air conditioner, when correctly managed, will remove excess humidity from your house. It uses a variable speed ECM blower motor to regulate the airflow. At the beginning, the motor rotates at around half the required speed. It does this for around 7 minutes before ramping up to 100 percent. As a result, the evaporator coil absorbs more humidity from the air and drains it outside through the condensation drain. This function is available in the top versions of both Goodman and Carrier air conditioners. ECM Condenser Fan Motors – Based on the specifications papers from both manufacturers, I’m not sure if they have ECM condenser fan motors in their air conditioners.

I can only assume that Carrier’s variable capacity refrigeration system includes an ECM variable-speed condenser fan motor, but I can’t be positive. ECM condenser fan motors can alter condenser fan speed based on demand, allowing you to conserve energy when demand is low. At the bottom of the article, There are a few more brands with higher seer ratings, including Trane, Lennox, Keeprite, and a few more. Product specifications, energy efficiency ratings, care and maintenance advice, and warranty coverage are all provided. The temperature of the room as measured by the wireless remote thermostat or the ambient temperature indoors. Don’t expect the Goodman vs. Carrier characteristics to be true on paper. You can also acquire accurate information from a nearby repair shop that supplies Carrier and Goodman products.

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