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Air Conditioner problems tend to occur when you least expect them, especially at the most inconvenient time. When this happens, however, you do not have to wait for the horror story to unfold. Just call our professionals for emergency air conditioner repair services and have your problems fixed. Having the service carried out by experienced professionals helps restore your home’s comfort and avoids further damage.

Booking Your Air Conditioning Repair Services Has Never Been Easier

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Have you been experiencing Air Conditioning issues? Has such an issue ever compromised the comfort of your home, especially during summer? Well, you don’t need to struggle much with such issues. Instead, let our AC repair experts assess your cooling system and sort out your problems.

Avavilable 24/7/365
Our services are available 24/7/365. Therefore, even if your AC gets damaged at midnight, we’ll show up at your doorstep as soon as possible after you have booked your emergency air conditioner repair.
Transparent Pricing
Another perk of hiring our services is that we don’t have any hidden charges. All our service repair costs are transparent and are provided after our technicians make a proper assessment of the extent of the repair.
25+ Years Of Experience
What’s more, hiring our services guarantees you quality work because we have more than 25 years of experience in AC repairs. You can make your repairs and pay for them online, thus saving you time.
24 hour emergency furnace repair Toronto


If you ever experience AC problems in your home, you should not hesitate to call us. Our technicians can repair any type of home AC. Once you call us, they will show up within no time, and they use state-of-the-art tools and cutting-edge techniques to get the job done.

Apart from being available 24/7, our AC repair company can offer you same-day repairs. We are also available for emergency repair services since AC problems can occur at any time of day or night.

With years of experience in the field, our experts are well-versed in carrying out a wide range of services. Notably, here are the problems that we can fix.

Broken thermostat
AC blowing hot air
Frequent cycling of the thermostat
Unlit pilot or coil control
AC won’t start
Draft motor won’t start
Humming noises
The blower won’t shut off
Flame starts, but AC keeps shutting down


From years of experience in ductless air conditioner repair, we have noticed that a significant number of homeowners hardly think about the state of their ACs. They only notice it has a problem when winter kicks in, and the AC only blows hot air or won’t turn on at all.

However, waiting this long to have your Goodman Air Conditioner fixed may leave you feeling cold for hours before we fix the problem. Consequently, there are signs you should look out for to know if your AC has an issue. Once identified, you need to call us promptly.

Here are instances when you will need to call for AC repair services:

Strange noises
If you hear screeching, scratching, or grinding, that may be a sign of mechanical failure. Most of the time, the system may have deteriorated or has a loose component.
Dusty air
If your AC produces dusty air, it means that its air filter is expired or not working correctly. This will end up compromising your indoor air quality. Repair services will help fix this issue.
AC blowing hot air
An AC is meant to cool your living space. Therefore, if it blows hot air, it definitely has a problem that needs to be fixed. Mostly, this is associated with the coil.
Air Conditioner over 12 years
Like most equipment, AC's also have a lifespan, approx 12 years(varies based on brands). Therefore, an old AC may require constant repairs or replacement.
Higher cooling bills
An AC is among the home appliances that consume a significant amount of energy. So, if it is faulty, the energy consumption will increase, resulting in a spike in your utility bills.
Constant or frequent cycling
If you notice your thermostat keeps switching on and off, call for best AC repair services. Cycling could indicate improper airflow, a clogged air filter, or a broken thermostat.

HVAC Trust can fix these and many more problems for you. The best part is that our experts can work with different brands, thus ensuring every problem gets fixed appropriately.

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Air Conditioner repair is a crucial task, and our services can help restore your home’s comfort. HVAC Trust also provide furnace repair service which charges by the job, and we do not have any hidden costs or overtime charges. Additionally, we make sure to explain to you the problem and outline the repair options available so that you can decide how we should proceed.

All our employees receive constant training to enhance their top-notch repair skills. Moreover, every expert we send to your premises is fully licensed and insured. So, you should not worry about extra costs coming about in case of an accident.

Better yet, we have adequate experience in servicing all Air Conditioner brands. Any make and model is a walk in the park for us. Additionally, we have served clients for more than 25 years satisfactorily. Therefore, you can rest assured that HVAC Trust experts will complete your AC repair perfectly and professionally.

New Installation
We offer high quality installation of residential and commercial Air Conditioners with the use of professional equipment at a lower cost.
AC systems are regulated appliances, requiring expert AC maintenance to properly function at the best rate of energy consumption & safety.
At HVAC Trust, we provide a full range of repair services on all major Air Conditioner brands, with prompt service and honest, transparent pricing.

We have been tested, and we have come out on top. With us, you can be sure that the AC repair services you get are from a proven contractor.

Many of our clients have reviewed our AC repair services positively, which shows just how happy they are with our services. Below are testimonials from homeowners who have bought our units or hired us to repair their cooling systems.


Booking Your Air Conditioner Repair Has Never Been Easier!

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Do I repair or replace my Air Conditioner?
Repairing the Air Conditioner is mostly the cheaper option. When your AC stops functioning as expected, contact us. Our technicians will identify the problems with your AC and decide whether to repair it or replace the unit is the best option.
Can I do the repairs myself?
There is no substitute for a professional HVAC service. Whenever you have problems with your AC, always call the experts. That notwithstanding, homeowners can keep their AC's in a top-notch condition by following the manufacturer’s guidelines.
When should I call for repairs?
You should get AC repair whenever your AC has a cooling problem. This is because a malfunctioned air conditioner will not function optimally, which means that it could fail when you need it the most.

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Guaranteed Work - 90 Days Labor & 1 Year Parts Coverage
Complete Diagnostic & Safety Check
Detailed Home Care Report
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